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I am an visual artist based in Nottinghamshire. I completed my BA in Plastic and Decorative Arts at National University of Arts Bucharest in 2008.
I am an exhibiting member of Nottingham Society of Artists and an Art Instructor.
I enjoy painting landscapes and abstract compositions. 
In my work I am finding the interaction between landscape, emotion, process and the finished art work. 
I work in oils, acrylics/mixed media and pastels to create colourful paintings on canvas and board. My approach to painting can be described as intuitive .
I am painting ‘alla prima’, mixing the oils or acrylics directly on the canvas surface, working fast in rapid strokes, letting the freedom of the moment influence my work. The process involves applying layers of paint with a large brush, constantly assessing until aestethic emotions are achieved . My work is characterized by a strong sense of colour, bold brush strokes and layers of contrasting hues. 
My abstract art is a vehicle for endless experimentation and exploration, and is largely inspired by my discoveries of my inner world. 
Every time I am surprised by the process of creation. Also I like the final result, the creative process I enjoy the most - free experimentation, free emotions captured in a brush stroke or a shade of colour. I never quite know what the combination of shapes, colour, texture, line will bring. That is the excitement and the process of making art that I believe leads to creating something unique. 
My abstract paintings juxtaposes opposing elements: opaque and transparent, organic and geometric, textured and smooth, large and small, dark and light.